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Its been a busy fall for me work wise and I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

Tre (three in english) is a swedish cell phone operator and this is their 2013 Christmas commercial. All recent “Tre” commercials feature a setup with a Johnny English-esque hero called Man from Tre that has to face off against three villains called the Others (as I’ve understood it, they are supposed to represent the three other big cell phone operators in Sweden)*.

It may not seem to be the biggest of productions but I dare saying that I haven’t worked on such a complicated shoot since the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I was on board a couple of days on the US version).

We had two shooting days. Day one was on location at Riddarholmen for the exteriors, it was a night shoot were we brought on 70 extras (including two boys choirs in different ages). All the snow is artificial (practical not CGI).
Day two we spent in a green screen studio to do the warehouse interior that Man from Tre and the Others are running through, so the interior is a mixture of CGI and practical effects.

Director: Raunio Tiukanen
DOP: Jean-Noel Mustonen
Producer: Josefin Kollberg
Production Company: Standart

*Probably Telia, Tele 2 and Comviq