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I’m a huge fanboy of the Spiderman comics from childhood. In a sense I think I was introduced to complex(er) storytelling from reading it and other Marvel Comics. With that said as a brief intro for my love of the character of Spiderman/Peter Parker I’m sad to admit that I’ve given up on this franchise ages ago.

I did enjoy the Raimi films (especially the second one) but they never elevated to the levels of the comic books. The re-boot of the franchise was the first one I didn’t see in the cinema and its safe to say I won’t be going to this one either.

There’s so much in this that I don’t like. The main thing is probably the casting! Sorry but I’m gonna go total crazy fanboy now! I hate Andrew Garfield as Parker/Spiderman!!!! One of the things Raimi did well was casting Tobey, he played the character as I read him in the comics. I don’t get attached to Garfield at all. As I see it he gives Daniel Craig a serious run for his money to be considered the most dull and  uncharismatic actor working today.

It might be something personal though, because I get all aggrevated by his smug smile when Emma Stone asks him if his delay might have to do with the shoot-out seen seconds earlier in the trailer.

As for the rest of the cast I think they are totally off too. Jamie Foxx looks like he ran of a secret “Watchmen re-boot” set onto the wrong shoot. The problem with him hopefully lies mostly in costume and make-up since he is a great actor (can someone please green-light a Any Given Sunday sequel????). Never really cared for Electro though so thats something of a bum choice as well.

Finally I still think Sally Fields looks way too young to play Aunt May and she hasn’t white hair!!!! What the hell happened Marc didn’t you get the memo from Stan???

As for the content of the trailer its just so uninteresting. Damn someone really screwed up this one.

Its good when a trailer doesn’t spoil but this one manages to reveal plenty and still don’t give a good sense of what the film gonna be about. Normally its not a problem with this type of franchise (or James Bond to mention another example) but then you are relying on sequences or shots being spectacular. Unfortunately this trailer doesn’t have anything with those qualities. I guess one reason might be that a lot of the effects work isn’t finished (I believe I read that somewhere) so they can’t show off that stuff.

I’m not a trailer editor myself but I really feel like someone just phoned it in on this one. It might be that the material sucks and this is what they are stuck with for now. Normally I’d recommend that they would have released a vague teaser instead but that doesn’t sell any tickets when it comes to sequels so I guess they didn’t have that much of a choice.