As people may know I’m a very on and offish (most) blogger. The last six months have been both heaven and hell for me. I’ve finally found myself a decent work situation working full time with a production company. It helps out quite a bit to know that I have a monthly paycheck coming in instead of chasing day to day production work. I’m employed here until at least the last of november.

However, the last eight weeks have been insane workload wise. Tomorrow (2nd of october) I’ll be wrapping a ten weeks shooting period consisting of five documentaries, one fiction short film, a TV vignette for Sweden’s biggest comedy show (our equivalent of Saturday Night Live I’d say) Partaj, one infomercial and an underwear commercial.

Doing all these shorter productions in the same time as I normally film an feature has been incredible fun but also very exhausting. Hence why my blogging duties (mainly over at the LAMB) has been seriously slacking. I’m not super proud about it and if I would do a do-over I’ve would have delegated out my LAMB duties during this time period. Now its to late though and I aim towards a fresher start (with some changes though).

So lets get back on topic. Why this domain and not the now dormant During this period I have gotten dual reminders about my domain is about to expire. I got one reminder from my host Binero but also one in english that I don’t know where its coming from but because it more or less was timed with the Binero one I was kind of sure it was valid too.

To make it a shorter story I can re-cap by saying that I was gonna solve this domain mess after a ten day trip to Laponia to shoot Laplanders and rain deers. It wasn’t really an option to try to solve it up there since we were staying at a very remote mountain camping 200 miles north of the nearest city Jokkmokk without wifi or cell phone signal.

Unfortunately when I got home I’ve gotten a mail from a friend of mine asking if I’ve finally (my emphasis since I hadn’t updated since May) abandoned my blog.

The not so fun answer I got from my host Binero was that my domain has entered a quarantine stage. The good part with that is that no one else can obtain the domain but me. Unfortunately the amount that will secure it for me again without an auction is quite staggering. They want me to cough up 500 bucks for it. The annoying thing is that there is two other Joel Burman’s out there that wouldn’t hesitate a second to grab it from me so thats probably what I’ll have to end up doing. I still can’t help to think its a bit extreme to pay that kind of amount up front to keep the domain but at least I’m glad it wasn’t auctioned off while i was away off the radar for ten days. Always look on the bright side right?

So for the time being I’ll use this little blog instead. Hopefully it won’t be to long. I also want to give my apologizes to Lindsay and Fogs’ about being off the radar about some common business, I’ll really try to get things rolling again.

Thanks for your time!